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Reiki Courses

Reiki 1 (CMA Accredited) – 1 day

You find out what Reiki is and learn about its Japanese background and history. You will learn about the life of Dr Usui, the founder, and how Reiki made the journey from Japan to western countries thanks to the work of Dr Hayashi and Mrs Takata. 

The first step in your practical learning is to work on your own healing needs and develop tools to use daily at home. The Reiki standard hand positions for treating yourself and others are demonstrated and practised until you are confident with them. We will connect to Reiki together and learn Reiki, mindfulness and meditation techniques you can use to help yourself at home. During the course you will receive several Reiki empowerments and attunements and will have the opportunity to share your experiences and feelings.  

The course is accredited with The Complementary Medical Association and I have written my own course manual which is supplemented with books and other materials during the course. Your manual contains full details of everything we cover on the day, so you will be able to practise at home. The CMA accreditation was gained in recognition that it is an original course. 

You will need to take Reiki 2 in order to practise Reiki on the public. The first level is suitable for working on your own healing and spiritual development, and on your friends and family.

Reiki 2 (CMA Accredited) – 1 day

Reiki 2 empowers you to develop you as a Reiki Practitioner, confident in treating yourself and others using the three Usui Reiki symbols. Following this course you will be able to use Reiki as a professional therapist.

I teach the course using my own course materials supplemented by other material to enrich your learning. You receive a full manual containing all the information and techniques learned on the course. The course is accredited with the The Complementary Medical Association which recognises it is original and of a good standard.

You will learn the Reiki symbols and the different levels of energy they represent. You will learn and practise using them in treatment for yourself and others. As well as giving treatments using the standard hand positions, you will explore ways of treating using your own intuition and sensing the movement of energy in the meridians.

During the Reiki training course you will receive several empowerments and attunements and there will be time to share your experiences and feelings about Reiki.

Reiki 3

You take your Reiki Master/Teacher training with me on a one to one basis over two days.You will have completed Reiki 1 and 2 with me or another teacher, and you will have a year's experience of using Reiki following your level 2 training. 

During your Master level training, you will learn to use the energies and symbols of the Master level along with several exciting new healing techniques. We will work on listening to your higher self and trusting what you hear. This level is a powerful personal journey focussed on your growth with Reiki. 

Master level is also about learning to teach Reiki and time is spent upon planning and presenting Reiki classes for Reiki 1 and 2. You will be given plenty of information about where to find teaching resources. 

When you have finished your training you will need to gain insurance which includes a teaching extension. There are options if you wish to qualify as a holistic and beauty therapy teacher in addition to your Reiki Master/Teacher training. You get your Reiki Master/Teacher certificate on completion of your training and can insure online straight away - so you are ready to start planning your first course!

Energy Courses

Crystal Therapy (Beauty Guild accredited) - 1 day

This day-long practical and theory course includes a wealth of information about crystals and gemstones in healing. You will receive a full course manual containing details of the theory which underlies crystal healing, the different methods used with clients, how astrology and crystal therapy are connected and a directory of crystals to guide you in your work.

You will learn and practise different crystal layouts for use in healing sessions with your clients and you will be encouraged to experiment with combinations of layouts and gemstones for different purposes. You will learn how to carry out a client consultation and invite and record feedback from the healing session. By the end of the training day you will be ready to use your Crystal Therapy skills in your own practice.

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