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Friends and Family Courses

Come and learn the basics of massage and reflexology to use at home with friends and family. These courses are not insurable for professional practice.

Couples Massage - one couple per course, £150 to teach one partner, £195 to teach both.

You will learn a full body massage routine using carrier oils, massage bars and lotions. By the end of this fun and informal day you will be able to perform a confident and effective basic massage routine on your partner. In this class you will learn how to give and receive a massage of the arms, legs, shoulders and back, and the feet and hands are included too. You will receive notes for a great full body massage routine. Have fun and learn something new! Contact me to arrange your exclusive course date!

PLEASE NOTE: This is not suitable for pregnant women.

Couples Reflexology - one couple per course, £150 to teach one partner, £195 to teach both.

Foot reflexology is a relaxing and balancing therapy you can use on yourself, or share with your partner and friends. You will learn a basic treatment of the whole foot, along with simple massage techniques to warm the foot and to finish the treatment. Beautiful reflexology balms are used. Contact me to arrange your exclusive course date! You will be the only couple on the day.

You will receive a full set of course notes to help you use your reflexology skills when you get home.

Half-day Luxury Head Massage with warmed oils - £125 to teach one partner, £150 to teach both.

Head massage is a wonderfully relaxing, soothing and nurturing experience, and when you add warmed natural oils it turns into a treat for your skin, hair and scalp too. Your receive the Luxury Head Massage with Warmed Oils lying cuddled up on the couch. That said, this is a wonderful treatment for hair which is frazzled from sun, sea and swimming pools - I originally created it for clients on holiday in the Mediterranean, who came in with exhausted hair and itchy scalps! 

During the Luxury Head Massage with Warmed Oils the head is gently massaged and kneaded, and the movements continue down the neck, shoulders and upper arms to relieve stress, tension and everyday aches and pains. The massage finishes with movements to the face to relax lines and wrinkles away. The treatment is gentle, and you can add essential oils in a burner along with mood music to help slide gently into total relaxation. The oils used are natural cold-pressed vegetable oils selected for their hair conditioning qualities. 

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Contact me if you’d like further information on the courses I offer or to book a treatment. Alternatively you can contact me on: 07976 610799. You can read my booking and terms and conditions here.

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