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Beauty Therapy Courses

Manicure & Pedicure (Beauty Guild Accredited) – 1 day (Beginners)

Learn the skills to carry out a perfect natural manicure and pedicure using nail polish or buffing to finish the treatment.

This is the foundation for all ‘nail’ training and you can then go on to learn acrylics, gel nails and other more advanced techniques.

You will learn how to carry out a consultation, recognise disorders of the hands, feet and nails and know how to work safely. You will carry out all the stages of a manicure and all the stages of a pedicure including a classic coloured polish or French polish to finish. You will learn how to give a wonderfully relaxing hand, arm, foot and leg massage as part of your manicure and pedicure treatments.

The products used on the course are vegan friendly.

Spa Hand Therapy (Beauty Guild Accredited) – 1 day (Beginners)

A full day’s training in manicure techniques including hand and arm massage – the classic manicure massage, Japanese hand massage techniques and the use of the Thai herbal donut for hands and arms.

You will learn how to offer beautiful manicure treatments in your own unique style, with luxury massage and bespoke treatments suited to the client’s needs.

Explore the use of organic, vegan-friendly products, water-based nail polish and how to offer manicure treatments for clients who have chemical sensitivities.

Spa Foot Therapy (Beauty Guild Accredited) – 1 day (Beginners)

Learn to give holistic pedicure treatments using natural products and luxury massage treatments. Personalise your pedicures with hot stone massage, Thai foot massage techniques and an aromatherapy based massage treatment.

Explore nail polish options including waterbased polish, low chemical nail polish and natural and organic pedicure products. Learn how to offer buffing as an alternative to nail polish.

The course is taught using vegan-friendly products.

Gel Polish Manicure (Beauty Guild Accredited) – 1 day (Beginners)

You do NOT need traditional manicure and pedicure training to do our course, as the techniques used for UV gel polish are totally different.

The products used on this course give a high polish and durability – and they are applied just like a conventional nail polish, with a brush. You will use two different brands of UV gel polish. This means you get a chance to see how techniques used with the different types of products vary. The course is not brand-specific, so students can choose which suppliers to go with after the course. 

This course will give you the time you need to learn to apply UV Gel Polish correctly and get a good result. You will learn how to finish your treatment with a relaxing hand massage.

You will also learn how to remove the product safely without damaging the client’s nails and how to sell aftercare and follow-on treatments to keep your clients coming back regularly. 

UV Gel Nail Extensions (Westminster Indemnity Accredited) – 1 day (You need to do a conventional or gel manicure course first)

UV Gel Nail Extensions (sometimes called hard gel) produce super shiny, flexible strong nails. They are kinder to the nail than acrylics and are safe for pregnant clients and people who hate strong smells or allergy issues. 

The extensions will help clients with brittle, chipped nails, nail biters and people who want a glamorous set of nails for a special occasion. Many people have jobs that they have to have short nails, but come their wedding day, they want beautiful long, shiny nails! 

This is an excellent treatment for the beauty therapist to offer alongside classic manicure and pedicure and UV Gel Polish. The nails need regular maintenance every 2-3 weeks and this is an opportunity to keep clients coming into the salon or making mobile appointments. It is also a good chance to start retailing aftercare products such as cuticle oil and hand cream as the products used to achieve the nail extensions can dry the cuticles and skin. 

A UV Gel Nail Extensions treatment can be finished with filing and buffing, conventional nail polish or gel nail polish. Nail art is an exciting option to offer clients too! 

This course turns you into a nail tech – market the UV Gel Nail Extensions to existing clients but enter a whole new world with new client groups to appeal to! 

Pre-requisite for the course – manicure or gel manicure training. You will need to bring a model along to the course as we work first on a model hand and then on a real person!

Facial Treatments (Beauty Guild Accredited) - 1 day (Beginners)

Why do clients need a professional facial and advice on products? The answer is that choice of products is bewildering and clients need advice on what will suit their skin and sort out any issues they have with blemishes, dry patches or an oily T-zone. A professional facial treatment is an enjoyable way to relax, the client will benefit from the skills and knowledge you will learn on this course and be able to select and use her products in the most efficient and economical way.  

Salon facials allow the client to benefit from specialist treatments and equipment such as steaming, exfoliation and massage. Facial massage is deeply relaxing as well as bringing valuable nutrients to the skin from the natural oils used. You can include specialist options such as aromatherapy products and pharmaceutical level skincare products for skin problems. On this course you will learn how to carry out a full cosmetic facial, make and use different types of mask to remove impurities and condition the skin, and you will learn and carry out a full facial massage. 

We use a vegan friendly range of products on the course, with great natural benefits!

Spa Facial Treatments (Beauty Guild Accredited) – 2 days (Beginners)

This course approaches facial treatments from a holistic perspective, giving a facial to bring about wellbeing using natural products and balancing massage techniques. You will learn what cosmetics are, how they work, and what ingredients are key to improve and maintain healthy skin. Facial treatments are suitable for men and women. 

You will receive two full days of training. On the first day you will learn the stages of a classic facial treatment using natural, vegan-friendly products. You will give a full facial massage as part of the treatment. On the second day you will look at ways to personalise your facial treatments using base products, making your own scrubs, preparing your own clay, cream and toner masks and exploring luxury facial massage techniques. You will end the day by giving your own signature facial treatment.

Ayurveda Indian Facial Treatments (Beauty Guild accredited) - 1 day (You need to do a Facial Treatments course first)

The face is rich in energy channels or nadis and in marmas, the energy points which are used to bring balance to the person at all levels of mind, body and spirit. This balancing facial treatment works on the subtle energies or prana and uses natural oils with massage to help rejuvenate and tone the face. 

On the course you will learn how to analyse the client’s doshas and select suitable products to carry out a full facial treatment including a massage routine to work on the facial marmas. You will explore different carrier oils and how to select them to suit your client and you will make your own masks and scrubs to complement your client’s doshas. You will learn how to use crystals and gemstones in the treatment.

Waxing (Beauty Guild Accredited) – 1 day (Beginners)

Waxing to remove unwanted body and facial hair or depilation waxing is one of the most popular salon treatments. Clients need to return every four to six weeks so it is well worth learning and offering.

On our Waxing course you will learn how to remove unwanted hair safely from all areas of face and body, including leg waxing, bikini waxing, underarms, chest and back, facial hair, and eyebrow wax. You will use both strip waxing using a spatula and roller waxing.

Makeup for Professional Use (Beauty Guild Accredited) – 1 day (Beginners)

On our 1-day Make-up Diploma course you'll learn to use professional techniques for commercial application within the beauty industry. Learning how to apply makeup professionally is a useful skill for anyone who wants to do makeup for a prom or wedding or learn the basics so that you can branch out into makeup work for theatre, film and photography. 

Our Make-up Diploma course includes day, evening and special occasion make-up as well as techniques for colour correction, shading and highlighting. You learn how to carry out a consultation and discuss and plan the makeup you are going to apply.

You can offer makeup lessons as well as makeup treatments to your customers. It is a versatile skill, and if you find a range of makeup to retail or join an MLM who offer makeup it is a good source of sales income too!

Lash & Brow Tinting & Shaping (Beauty Guild Accredited) – half day course (beginners)

Learn the techniques required to offer safe eyelash and eyebrow tints and eyebrow shaping treatments on our half-day or evening Eyelash Tinting and Brow Shaping Diploma course.

Find out how how the client’s face shape should determine the shape of the eyebrow and learn how to achieve the “Perfect Brow” using a simple measuring technique.  

You will learn how to use tint on lashes and brows, as well as how to use the popular eyebrow palettes to enhance your client's brows. 

This treatment can also easily be incorporated into other treatments, for example, lashes can be tinted during a manicure or nail treatment, or eyebrows shaped as part of a facial.

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